Royal Wedding Planners in Jaipur

" Weave the dreams visioned together in palatial settings "

Planning for a theme wedding in India? Jaipur is a perfect wedding destination in India where the grandeur of Indian valor, dignity, love and chivalry abound.

The very idea of hosting theme wedding in Jaipur with a palatial backdrop enchants the nuptial couples who wish to exchange the wedding vows in a royal style just like the Indian Maharajahs and Maharanis of the bygone era.

Royal Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur- A fascinating destination for royal weddings in India

Ruby of the golden crown, Jaipur still holds the royal charisma and opulence of the erstwhile era.

Jaipur, the Pink City of India is indeed the hottest destination for royal weddings in India. Adorned with spectacular palaces and magnificent forts, Jaipur is dotted with splendid heritage hotels that were once the abodes of royal Rajput kings. Jaipur palaces converted into heritage hotels still tell the sagas of love, valor, dignity and chivalry of Indian Maharajas, who would lay down their lives for their pride and dignity. To tie the nuptial knot in the land of Rajput Royals who preferred to die than to loose their self-esteem makes the wedding celebrations even more blissful and crammed with unrivaled esteem.

When a wedding takes place at any palace of Jaipur, it turns the mega event of lifetime into the most blissful moment for the nuptial couple while making the all those people attending the wedding ceremonies and celebrations feel like the royal guests who have been cordially called to bless the couple. Hence, Jaipur weddings are admired world-wide by the connoisseurs of Indian wedding.

Theme Weddings in Jaipur by Divine Weddings

Theme weddings in Jaipur take place in the royal palaces where the royal grandeur blends with the contemporary opulence. We as expertise Indian wedding planners organize weddings in Jaipur by conducting the ceremonies and celebrations in such an ambience that suits the love story, personality and wedding dreams of the nuptial couple. So as to make the guests feel special, we welcome them with utmost hospitality in a traditional Indian style.

When the bride adorned beautifully like a princess arrives at the wedding venue bedecked as a fantasy land and ties knot with the groom attired in Maharajah style, the whole wedding ceremony seems to be folklore.

Wedding ceremony and rituals are followed by cultural programmes such as traditional folk dances, music and kelabias so as to entertain the guests and mark the beginning of new life of the wedding couple.

Snacks and drinks are served throughout and the wedding is feast is served after the couple is declared officially married.

Divine Weddings, Indian wedding planner, ensures that wedding ceremony, rituals and celebrations are conducted smoothly by taking care of every minute detail. We make all the arrangements for decoration of the wedding venue as per the theme of wedding, welcoming the guests in traditional Indian style with tikka, aarti and garlands, priest, menu and all other requirements.

Venues for Royal Weddings in Jaipur

Weddings in Jaipur are famed for their royal venues. Major royal wedding venues in Jaipur are: