Wedding Planners in Jaisalmer

" A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. "

Jaisalmer is the golden crown of Rajasthan, where romance flows in air.

Jaisalmer makes one fall in love at first sight with it and love more, more and more every time it is visited time and again. This makes it a perfect destination for wedding in India for the reason:

Royal Wedding in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer - A romantic destination for royal wedding in India

Jaisalmer is called the Golden City of India for its golden beauty makes it a fantasyland in Thar Desert. Sprawling over golden carpet of yellow sands, Jaisalmer welcomes the tourists open-heartedly to savor the rustic majesty in royal ambience.

Wedding celebrations in Jaisalmer is the most romantic gift that expresses the eternity of love to your soul-mate without uttering a single word. To tie a knot in the land of yellow sands where the people lived through all the hardships to construct the magnificent fort and palaces and restore their culture and traditions, shows the intimate feeling of thriving together regardless how the future will be.

Jaisalmer is an implausible destination for wedding in India at a haveli, palace or fort where the age-old trends and traditions confluence with the contemporary customs to make the single time gala event of life a stupendously fabulous moment for the nuptial couple and the guests alike.

The connoisseurs of Indian weddings remain stunned to attend the palace weddings in Jaisalmer, for the only reason that luxury weddings in Jaisalmer epitomize the royal and chivalry lifestyle of Rajputs. The nuptial couple when attired in traditional wedding clothes made of heavy brocades and precious jewelry enters the wedding venue adorned in a courtyard setting, the whole arena looks mesmerizing.

Royal Weddings in Jaisalmer by Divine Weddings

Indian wedding planners are expertise in organizing theme weddings in India at Jaisalmer. The proficient service and personal care for every minute detail while organizing a royal wedding in Jaisalmer or any other place make Divine Weddings better than the best Indian wedding planners. The essence regality can be felt in every arrangement made for conducting royal weddings in Jaisalmer, be it be selection of the venue, decorations, welcoming of guests, wedding feast or any other thing else.

Just as to add more ecstasy in the celebrations, a procession of caparisoned elephants and camels are made at the entrance of the wedding venue at the time of reception. Guests are greeted in a traditional Indian style with tikka, aarti and garlands.

Once the wedding is solemnized, royalty blends with traditionalism. The folk musicians, singers and dancers perform traditional songs of wedding and happiness. Puppet shows and other cultural programmes may also be organized as per the requirement and desire of the wedding host.

A lavish banquet, no less than a royal feast, is served that consists of wide variety of traditional Indian and international food and sweets. Snacks and drinks are served all through.

Venues for Royal Weddings in Jaisalmer

Royal wedding venues in Jaisalmer :