Sindhi Wedding Rituals

One of the major business communities of India, Sindhis hail from Sindhu River and now found in major cities and towns of India. They are Sanatani Hindus and have some difference with the mainstream Hindus. Their wedding is solemnized according to the Vedic rites which reflect the sights of Hinduism and Sufism.

The wedding of Sindhis is an extravagant affair. The priests which have important role in arranging the marriage are Mehraj who specializes in matchmaking and Guryanni who mainly carries the horoscopes of the boys and girls.

On an auspicious day like the Satyanarayan Chandsi or New Moon day the wedding is solemnized. A few traditional rituals and customs are performed at each stage of wedding- pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding. After the horoscope matching the rituals starts. The priest selects the date for marriage, and then they both families prepare themselves for the main wedding celebration. The main wedding celebration makes it a colorful ceremony.

On the eve of wedding day lots of customs make the event a livelier one. Like a typical Hindu marriage Sindhi wedding is a lavish affair. The first ceremony of a Sindhi wedding is Paon Dhulai in which the bride and groom seat together. The brother of the bride washes the feet of both groom and bride in a bronze thali. The main ritual is the Jaimala, the bride and groom exchange their flowers. Other rituals are performed around a holy fire amidst the chanting mantras of the priest. The couple takes the vows of love, fidelity, respect and fruitful union walking around the fire. Then the Kanyandan ceremony takes place, the last one is vidai. The post-wedding rituals of a Sindhi wedding are Datar, Chhanar and Sataurah. All add zeal and enthusiasm to the entire ceremony.