Bollywood Theme Wedding

The most glamorous and exotic theme wedding in India is undoubtedly the Bollywood Theme wedding which incorporates the best of Indian weddings traditions and customs. The festivity of north Indian wedding is a part of Bollywood wedding yet it includes more features of other regional weddings of India. The hit of 90’s Hum Apke Hain Kaun is an example of this type of weddings where songs and dance are an integral part of celebration of wedding. Apart from all, the Bollywood movies show the best culture of India in a wedding ceremony.

Itinerary of Bollywood Theme Wedding :

Day 01: Mehndi Night ceremony

Mehndi Night Ceremony is a pre-wedding celebration where both groom and bride’s peer gather and enjoy the moments dancing and singing. The bride and groom also join the peers. There are songs of Bollywood movies echoing a perfect setting of a Bollywood hit. Mehndi artists embellish the hands of the bride with beauteous forms; others also beautify their hands with Mehndi. The menus include some popular street foods of Mumbai.

Day 02: Sagai, Exchanging the Rings in Bollywood Style

The second day event is inspired by the Bollywood song, “Aaj Hai Sagai’’. Bride and groom wear the traditional Indian attire. The choreographed dances, bhangra and Bollywood songs make the event colorful and enjoyable. Dancer groups perform the Bollywood dances in an exuberant way. Live performances of the artists are arranged on request.

Day 03: Wedding Ceremony Bollywood Way

Bride dressed up in a traditional saree or Leheng Choli, jewelries of golds and diamonds looks beautiful. Groom opts to wear Sherwani. It incorporates the diversity of Indian culture, the beats of Punjabi instruments, Maharashtrian Mangalsutra, smearing of vermilion over the hair, the international menu. The traditional ceremony includes three parts-exchanges of flowers, seven steps taken by bridegroom, and kanyadaan when bride’s father or elder brother gives away the bride to the groom. After the traditional ceremony a gala dinner is organized.

Doli Ceremony : At the Doli ceremony, family and friends bid farewell to their bride. It marks the end of the ceremony.

Day 04: Gala Reception

The newly wed couple throws a gala reception party. Live music and dance programme are also arranged on demand.

The event is full of joy and fun where the families, friends and all guests take part in a grand celebration of the final