Temple Wedding in India

A pious solemnization of marriage in temple is an important aspect of Indian culture and tradition. Temple wedding in India is a sacred and religious wedding where the couples take vows amidst the chanting hymns uttered by the priests. Celebration of wedding in a temple ambience is said as divine and so this wedding draws the foreign believers who have great respect for Indian rituals and customs.

India houses a large number of temples; a few of them host weddings in their own style. The temples which conduct wedding ceremonies are Konark Sun Temple, Khajuraho temples, Brihadeswara temple, and Guruvayoor temple in Kerala. Tirupati Temple of Andhra Pradesh also conducts religious wedding ceremony.

Temple weddings in India are solemnized according to the Hindu rituals and customs. The rituals of Hindu wedding have great significance and along with the bride and groom society takes part an important role. The temples of India have some different customs and rituals in wedding celebration. Guruvayoor temple of Kerala is one of the most sought after wedding destination in India.