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Wedding FAQ's

Q. Who does host exotic and palace weddings in India?

Ans. There are lots of Indian wedding planners who host royal weddings and theme weddings in India. One should take the service of authorized companies.

Q. Is the palace wedding is more expensive than other theme weddings?

Ans. Palace wedding has a unique charm which is mainly celebrated in the Rajput palaces of Rajasthan. It seems palace wedding is more expensive than other theme weddings. But there are options can be chose by the couples. There are both luxury and budget packages.

Q. Can I get all the weddings apparels from the wedding planner?

Ans. There are some Indian wedding planners who offer wedding apparels service. Couples can take the service from them or purchase from the markets.

Q. Which are the main beach weddings venues in India?

Ans. Beach wedding is now sought after by lots of couples who like to tie the knot at a romantic beach venue in India. The most beautiful beach wedding venues in India are Kerala, Goa, Andaman, etc.

Q. Can I solemnize my wedding according to my own religion?

Ans. Yes, the Indian wedding planners offer lots of option to the guests. They host Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings, Sikh weddings and other regional weddings in India. One can choose the wedding rituals according to his or her own interest.

Q. Where should I buy the jewelries in India?

Ans. There are lots of jewelry shops in the major metros of India. Always purchase jewelries from the branded shops. Take the service of shopping guide.

Q. How can I choose my wedding attires?

Ans. Some Wedding planners offer wedding attires also. If you want to solemnize your wedding according to Hindu wedding ritual you can choose the Hindu attires. There are wedding apparels companies which offer all kinds of accessories.

Q. Do I need to choose the caterer myself?

Ans. You can choose a caterer yourself. If the wedding planner offers a exclusive package then you can take the service from them.